December Newsletter

December Students of the Month

Mindi Broussard

Advanced II, Senior Company, Mrs. Stephanie

Emma-Kate Schexnayder

Ballet IV, Mrs. Muriel

Alexis Dugas

Primary II, Mrs. Joelle

Jerzi Toups

Junior I, Ms. Hopee

Bralyn Eldridge

Teen Advanced, Ms. Kaitlyn

Demi Landry

Jr. Contemporary, Ms. Jeanne

How to be a Student of the Month dancer:

Attendance: Great attendance means coming to all classes on time, in proper dance ware with correct shoes, and with hair pulled up. Participation: Teachers look for students with strong work ethic, good attitude, enthusiasm and passion for learning. Practice: Teachers can tell when students are stretching and practicing at home, which improves their dance technique in class.

Get to Know Your Teachers

What is your favorite winter activity?

Mrs. Stephanie: I love cooking gumbo and all things Christmas – parades, looking at lights, decorating, cooking. Olivia’s birthday is also right before Christmas!
Mrs. Muriel: Gathering around an outdoor fire.
Mrs. Joelle: Baking and decorating cookies while watching Christmas movies, like Elf and Home Alone!
Ms. Hopee: Sitting around a bonfire with family and friends.
Ms. Kaitlyn: I enjoy hot chocolate and heaters.
Ms. Jeanne: Sitting by a fire and drinking hot chocolate, plus all of the Christmas festivities!!


  • Christmas Holiday: No dancing December 22nd- January 5th.
  • Christmas Week at the Studio: Dec 18th- 21st. Dress up in your best reds and greens and bring treats to share with the class for our Christmas parties! Only combination classes (not hip hop, ballet, or contemporary). We are looking forward to so much fun!

Happy Birthday to Mrs. Muriel – December 8th!

Quote of the Month

Dance is music made visible.

The staff at Studio 84 is so thankful for students and families like you! Thank you for making our jobs so much fun and bringing so much joy to our lives! We love you!!

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